Antique Glazed Solid Pine Display China Kitchen Cabinet Bookcase

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Antique Victorian Display Cabinet

Charming Victorian Glazed Dresser with lovely arched doors. Glass has been replaced with toughened glass as there was a crack in the original. Great storage, tidy interior, solid fixed but removable shelves. Originally shelves would have been adjustable but at some point the additional adjustment holes have been filled with filler or wooden plugs. If you did want to change the adjustment of the shelves, it wouldn't be too hard to drill the holes out again. Wear and tear commensurate with age and use. We did consider painting this and would be happy to do so as then the holes at the sides could be filled and sanded smoother. Would be fine in an alcove as it is, if the sides weren't on show. A large hole had been cut out of the top, this has been filled, another small hole still remains at the top back but we can fill this if preferred or it can be left for any electrical items. Working lock and key.

The dimensions are as follows



D46cm cornice

D main body 42cm

Shelf depth 36cm

Internal width 100cm

Shelf heights from the top



All widest point measurements.

Brand: Unbranded
Condition: Used